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Vaping Mods Reviews

Best Vape Starter Kits:
Perfect to start and learn how to vape.

See the forefront vape pens and kits. Where to purchase and where not to purchase vape mods.

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Future of Vaping

The Towering Success Of the Vaping Industry: Industry Pros Take A Look

Nothing will be stopping the ever-growing industry of Vaping and it's mods.

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Vaping for Beginners

Vaping for Beginners

Learn the ins-and-outs of what vaping is and how to use it.

Keep on reading... and you will find your best-suited mod! Best box mod ranking:

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Best Vape Mods
Best Vape Mod

Best Vape Mod | Money-Can-Buy

Lost Vape Therion DNA 250

  • *RATING* - 100/100
  • Highly Customizable
  • Probably #1 RDA Available
  • Solid. Elegant.

Lost Vape has been killing it from their Therions… to Triades. The DNA 250 – are currently the most popular vape mods on the market!

…And I just don’t want to let go of this mod! By far my favorite, I’ve ever purchased. No BS. — It’s solid. It’s elegant. And currently the best fit for your high-power drippers.

I love combining it with the Goon RDA. Probably the #1 RDA currently available. (read more below)

The Triade 250 is powered by the DNA 250 chip → Highly customizable with the eScribe software. Just Blinding power!

Lost Vape made sure… that you will find your best-suited 250 DNA Mod. You can choose between different battery door styles. From Black & Grey Scales to Black & Dark Scales (more to come).

VaporDNA.com currently has the DNA250 in stock for $149.95. Click on the button below to choose your prefered color.

2 – SXmini G Class 200W

  • *RATING* - 96/100
  • Overhang is No More
  • Operated by Joystick
  • 100% Control
  • Latest Flagship of 2017

The SXmini G Class is the latest flagship device from YiHi.

Running with the *new* – YiHi SX550J – chipset. Oh boy, this chip is a game changer with a quality vape battery powering it up! New elevation of power… and innovative features right to the grip of your hand:

Overhang is no more – Crafted to accommodate up to 31mm tanks. With flawless execution.

Operated by Joystick – Like a console controller! Sift through menus with a joystick. And play around with a large variety of options: Adjustable screen brightness / Adjustable standby time / Custom your own logo & give your mod a name

You are 100% in control – With the SXPure Technology found in the g class. You can even custom your own taste. You have 5 taste modes to choose from… and can customize everything even further using the Bluetooth app!

There is just a never ending list of features… that make the SXmini g class to one the greatest mods of all time.

What I still want to mention… because the pricing puts some people off – I currently have the G, a Q Class + the Flaskman: You pay for amazing quality & performance.

Pre-Order the SXmini – $219 – from the authorized dealer: VaporDNA.com. To make sure you get authentic products!

3 – asMODus Minikin 2

  • *RATING* - 91/100

The new TOUCH SCREEN Mod (180W) – asMODus Minikin 2

If you are looking for a regulated, high-tech mod, you will certainly want to look at the asMODus Minikin V2. This is a MOD that uses 2×18650 batteries. They can last for several hours. The Mod delivers 180W with an output of 45 A. It has a high tech Asmodus minikin vapelifetemperature control mode which uses dual coils.

The Minikin V2 also has a touchscreen which is a nice change from the more basic MODs that you see sold today. It’s very intuitive, allowing you to make adjustments to accommodate how large the clouds of vapor are with each hit you take.

Technical Details: It is very small, standing at only 42 mm. It only weighs a little over 250 g, and it is made of aluminum. It has a wattage range that goes up to 180 W, with an output current of 45 A. Maximum voltage is safe, capping at 7.5 V, and the LED display is actually very large, measuring at just under 2.5 inches. If you do get the kit, will get the Minikin V2, the USB cable, and a user manual. It gives you full control of your vaping, at an affordable price of $89.99.

The Minikin V2 comes in several different colors which include white, purple, black, brown and even green if you prefer. It does have an upgradable chipset which is a GX 180 HT. This means you can expand on this unit as upgrades become available.

Best Value Vape Mod

Best Vape Mods | Value-4-Money

4 – SMOK Alien 220W Kit

  • *RATING* - 99/100
  • New High-Power Mod
  • Natural Firing BAR not included
  • Performance & Design

One of the best vape mods… currently available – The SMOK Alien Kit 220W -. It doesn’t matter how many mods & tanks you currently have… The Alien Kit will put a huge smile on your face for months. It’s that good!

New High-Power Mod – The Kit combines the infamous Baby Beast Tank & 220W Alien Mod. An awesome duet… for crazy cloud production & delicate flavor.

Natural Firing BAR not button – The Alien comes with a comfortable ergonomic design. Including SMOK’s unique firing bar. After using the SMOK-Bar… you don’t want to start pressing buttons again. A great feature.

What you will notice… right after a couple of hits: The performance & design matches a more than › $100 kit. At a price point of just $69 (free shipping included) or $49 mod only. This makes the Alien Kit my #1 "Best Value-4-Money Mod"!

As a primary device, or backup device.. the Alien Kit offers tremendous value. It’s sleek, modern, has lots of power and is built to last!

You want to upgrade? Click the button down below – to get the most satisfying vape experience with the *new* SMOK Alien Kit.

5 – Wismec Reuleaux RX 2/3 150W/200W

  • *RATING* - 94/100
  • Genuine Idea
  • 3 Cell Format (200w)
  • Keeps Cost Down

Almost every vaper, including me – just loves the Reuleaux Series (RX200 + RX200s). They are accurate, reliable and powerful box mods.

… BUT – 1 thing I don’t like about such heavyweight mods – is the portability. Working only with 3 18650 Batteries – either you are stuck in a “stay at home dilemma” or.. you are forced to wear baggy jeans!

Wismec & JayBo addressed this problem and came up with – A genius idea that hasn’t been utilized by anyone else, until now: The *new* Wismec Releaux RX 2/3!

Why 2/3?

You are able to choose between a 3 cell format (200W)… and the new dual 18650 battery configuration (150W) – giving you a more portable mod (reduced size ~ 30%)… which is much lighter than the Alien Kit. Find out about the best vape battery here.

The best thing: WISMEC & JayBo pulled this off while keeping costs down. This high-performance mod is selling at $54!

This makes the Wismec Reuleaux RX 2/3 to the #2 “Best Value-4-Money Mod” of 2017!

Hits like a truck! – Vaping at 100W will feel like 120W on other devices. Love using it with the Aspire Cleito 120W!

Easy to use! – Very straightforward settings. Ease of use. But still with a lot of features (different tempcontrol modes… etc.)

The new model in the Reuleaux Series. For what you get.. its a steal!

Click the button below to get the Releaux 2/3 from the authorized dealer – VaporDNA -. Includes 15-Day return policy.

Best Box Mod – Summary

Best Vape Mods

What is the best RDA for my Box Mods?

6 – Goon RDA by 528 Customs Vapes

Are you looking for a new RDA… that will perfectly suit your mod? Craving for more vapor production and better taste?

Then look no further than – the Goon RDA by 528 Custom Vapes – It perfectly matches with my Triade DNA250. Great combination.

Goon RDAThe Goon RDA itself is a cloud monster! … even with a flavourchasing build – you can quickly cloud up a room!

Flavor? Phenomenal! – Ever since I received the Goon, I could not stop using it! Even after its predecessor arrived… the Goon LP. I stuck to the original version – The Goon RDA.

Why is the Goon RDA better than the Goon LP?

Low pricing – $59 vs $74. Almost $20 less.

Easy to setup – The LP is just very hard… almost annoying to setup.

Stays cool – The LP gets too hot. Only enjoyable with the top cap.

Phenomenal taste – The flavor with the Goon RDA is just incredible. With the LP the flavor is just average.

Goon RDA by 528 Custom VapesWhen hitting on the Goon RDA… the first thing you will notice is – you will get plenty of airflow. The airflow is perfect. It will feel smooth with each hit. Just a pleasure to use! (best performance with 2 open holes)

The Goon RDA has become one of the most popular… rebuildable dripping atomizer – the vape market has to offer. The outstanding performance and flawless build quality… make the Goon RDA my #1 RDA.

If you are looking for an upgrade: You should definitely put the Goon on your list! Click the button down below for an authentic version + 15day return policy @vaporDNA.com.

What is the best Sub-Ohm Tank for Vaping Mods ?

7 – Aspire Cleito 120W

  • *RATING* - 97/100
  • Flavor! Flavor! Flavor!
  • Flavors Can't Be Matched
  • Crazy Good Clouds

Flavor! Flavor! Flavor! … No, it’s not just hype – The Aspire Cleito 120W is the real deal!

The moment you hit on the Aspire Cleito 120W will be an amazing moment – and at the same time – a very sad moment:

You will realize – on how much flavor… you’ve missed out on.

Aspire Cleito 120WThe Aspire Cleito 120W is the predecessor… of the original version. The Aspire Cleito. – But injected with steroids.

Now with TRIPPLE digit wattage capability – It will directly compete with the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast… and WINs the battle!

This is the new Cleito 120W: Super thick clouds, no leaking, and the flavor that can’t be matched! – Kudos to Aspire for making an incredible product!

The Cleito 120W does what it needs to do:

Takes on high-VG juice/ all VG juice perfectly.

Can handle all-day, every-day usage.

At an amazing pricing! Click the link below to get 1 (or rather 2 for a backup) for only $23.95 @vaporDNA.com. See more Best Vape Tank 2017.

Best Vape Mods Include: