Best Dry Herb Vaporizer 2017

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer 2017
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Looking for an upgrade.. or a backup unit?

Keep on reading… and you will find your best-suited vape!
I’m Tony… and this my best vaporizer for dry herb 2017 guide:

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Best-Vaporizer | Money Can Buy

#1 - Firefly 2 Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer

Best-Vaporizer | Value 4 Money

#1 - G Pen ELITE Vape Pen Elite
  • Easy to handle
  • Large Oven
  • Great performance at a low price point
  • Only $149

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Firefly2 Portable Vape

RankingBest of (Feature)NameClassPrice
#1Vapor QualityFirefly 2Convection$329
#2Dry Herb VaporizerDavinci IQConduction$274
#3Social VaporizerPAX 3Conduction$249
#4Value 4 MoneyG Pen ELITEConduction$149
#5@Home VapeArizer Extrem QConvection$169

Best Vaporizers | Money-Can-Buy

1Firefly 2 | Best-Overall-Vaporizer

*Rating* - 100/100

Firefly 2First man discovered fire.

Then he invented the wheel.

And then they crafted – The Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 vape is a breakthrough in the industry! It’s known to have superior flavor & lighting-fast heat up time.

I personally fell in love with it’s – elegant design. Especially the *limited* Jet Black version… The black Lamborghini of vapes – literally made me orgasm!

These are the two features… that makes the Firefly 2 – the #1-vaporizer.

  • Vape. Pause. Vape. – It’s unique instant-heat feature… allows you to take 1-2 draws. Then put it down, saving the rest for later. Unlike other dry herb vaporizers, the material won’t burn away! You don’t have to vape everything in one session! Great, if you are alone… and just want 2-3 hits of your herbs.
  • Best-In-Class Vapor Quality – The Firefly 2 produces rich, flavorful vapor… even at high temperatures (herbs & wax). The vapor is always cool! No harsh vapor! Why? The mouthpiece is located away from its chamber. Not sitting right on top of it… like with many other weed vaporizers !

Firefly 2 by FireflyVaporThe Firefly 2 offers great, convincing value at $329. It’s a smart investment. Let me explain why:

Due to material efficiency! Because over time – the reduced use of your herbs.. you need to get baked (0.15-0.2g). + No waste of herbs (as mentioned above). Will pay for its investment.

In addition – judging by the Firefly 1 life expectancy, I’m sure the FF2 will perform great for years to come.

If you are serious about vaping… The Firefly 2 is a necessary tool in your vape-arsenal!

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2Davinci IQ | Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

*Rating* - 95/100

Davinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ – Your first pick, if you are into conduction vaping + a herbal user only!

This portable vape is a real insider tip!

Its release didn’t create so much uproar & attention like the Firefly 2 or the Pax 3… but the IQ’s features are definitely comparable & highly competitive!

Find out why:

  • Purest & Cleanest Vapor – The DaVinci IQ produces the best vapor… of any conduction vape currently out! It’s powerful enough to satisfy even the most demanding + experienced users. Causing this excellent vapor – is the Zirconia Material it is made out of.
  • Use it 24/7 – The IQ runs with a replaceable 18650 batteries! 1 battery lasts about 50-80min…. Here is a simple guide to using the IQ – DAY ‘N NIGHT: Step 1: Get an external battery charger (here) | Step 2: Get as many 18650 batteries (here) as you want to carry around with. | Step 3: Pre-load all your batteries (2h with an external charger), put them in your pocket/bag… and then head off to work/university/party. | Step 4: Enjoy =).

Davinci IQ Herbal VapeF*** internal batteries, I say. This feature is actually my most favorite! Because when I leave to a friends house… I always put 1-2 batteries in my pocket – and don’t worry anymore about the one being used, dying.

1 thing, which might surprise you – 100% sure, if you own the DaVinci Ascent – is the small size! It makes the unit easy to pocket. In addition, you can completely wrap your hand around it… for max. discretion. The Davinci IQ is very stealthy!

Now – If you are looking for a high-performing & stealthy dry herb vaporizer pen – The DaVinci IQ is the best option available. It retails at 274$.

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3 – Pax 3 | Best-Social-Vaporizer

*Rating* - 94/100

Pax 3 Dry HerbThe Pax 3 – The most social vape. Undefeated.

Pax Labs Inc created a vape most suitable for social settings (Parties, Event’s, University, Work etc.).

Here is why:

  • Easy to useYou can’t be bothered giving everybody a 10min vape-briefing… when vaping with friends? Get the Pax 3! It is unbelievable easy to use. Heats up really quickly. Doesn’t shut down automatically (while holding) like other vapes. + Is easy to pull from… with its minimal draw resistance -> So even first-time users get good results!
  • Does not look weird!You can’t be bothered holding the Firefly 2 weirdly in front of your face? Get the Pax 3! Everybody I show this device to… thinks it looks cool. No exception. And is the only vape currently on the market, that doesn’t look weird, while vaping.
  • StealthyYou can’t be bothered creating much attention with your portable weed vaporizer ? Get the Pax 3! Nothing beats the Pax’s concealment factor. Especially the black version! You can completely palm the unit… while vaping. And easily carry it around in your pocket… because of it’s slim, elongated size. High portability factor!

Pax 3 for WeedThese are the 3 reasons, why the Pax 3 is currently my #1 pick when leaving the house!

So why only #3 on this ranking? In short:

  • Not the Vapor Quality of a Davinci IQ.
  • Not a convection vape like the Firefly 2.

You can make the decision between these 3 vapes fairly easy: Just figure out – how / where you are going to use the unit… most of the time.

Or just get them all like I did… 🙂 The Pax 3 sells at $249.

If you want to get the best weed vaporizer pen (portable) for social settings + include a 10-year! warranty. Click the button below:

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Best Vaporizer for Weed | Value-4-Money


*Rating* - 92/100
The G Pen ELITE by Grenco Science. – It’s a Steal!

Currently being sold for the lowest price. Ever. They used to sell it for $170… now only $149.

G Pen ELITEWhat makes the G Pen Elite – by far – to the best herbal vaporizer… in this price range?

  • VS Pax 2 – The Elite beats the PAX 2 in following aspects: It’s lighter, has far more features & takes less time to clean! In addition, it’s unbeatable $73 cheaper.
  • VS Summit – The Elite beats the Summit in several aspects: It heats up faster (20-30sec), tastes better, produces larger clouds, and doesn’t need any stirring!
  • Easy to Handle – It’s really hard to do something wrong with this vape! It’s easy to load (0.4-05g). Easy to hold (natural feel through ergonomic design). Easy to adjust the temperature. Just really easy to produce great results… even as a beginner!

… and there is much more (great battery life, large oven etc.).

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a portable-vaporizer, go for the G PEN Elite. You won’t get anything comparable for $149.

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Best Desktop Vaporizer | Vaping @HOME

5Arizer Extrem Q

*Rating* - 90/100

Arizer Extrem Q – The Volcano ($599) … just 3x cheaper!

The Arizer Extrem Q is the #1 desktop vape recommendation – if you’re not trying to break the bank. At $169 it still offers fantastic vapor quality… comparable to the Volcano.

Arizer Extrem Q Desktop1 thing that is unique about the Extrem Q… It’s a dual purpose vape-unit! You can choose between:

  • Whip – Great option when having friends around.
  • Balloon – My preferred option for single use + best vapor quality.

There are no comparable desktop vaporizers out there… offering these 2 options … at the same time!

The Volcano’s balloon might fill up quicker – but the Arizer Extrem Q heats up much faster (30sec vs 3min) + the fan is crazy quiet. Even on the highest setting… you can barely hear it!

The Extrem Q comes with a very convenient remote – You can set the temperature & fan speed without leaving your couch.

If you are looking for the best bang for you buck – I highly recommend you the Arizer Extrem Q! It’s very easy to handle – So even a great choice as a starter vape for vaporizer weed / medical marijuana.

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Weed Vaporizers – Summary

RankingBest of (Feature)NameClassPrice
#1Vapor QualityFirefly 2Convection$329
#2Dry Herb VaporizerDavinci IQConduction$274
#3Social VaporizerPAX 3Conduction$249
#4Value 4 MoneyG Pen ELITEConduction$149
#5@Home VapeArizer Extrem QConvection$169

What is a great vape pen for wax & oil usage?

Click the image or the links to get to my Best Vape Pen Ranking

dab pens for wax and oil


  • Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen 2017
  • 1 – Firefly 2 (Vapor Quality)
  • 2 – Davinci IQ (Dry Herb)
  • 3 – PAX 3 (Social)
  • 4 – G Pen ELITE (Value 4 Money)
  • 5 – Arizer Extrem Q (@Home Vaping)

Links for more awareness towards vaporizer weed & more: – Medical Marijuana – Medical Marijuana – Know the Risks – FDA and Marijuana: Questions and Answers

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