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Ecigexpress Coupon Code
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What has to say about themselves


How are you different?

“To be honest, there many quality companies in the e juice & vaporizer online store niche. Even when it comes to local stores there are tons of good stores. I think the goal should not to be different but to be great at what you do. Typically greatness in any type of industry where you are selling things to the public, you want to be knowledgeable about all the various products. You would have good customer service and you want to make things easy for your customers. Those are the things that we focus on instead of just trying to be different.”

What is your specialty?

“Here at e cig express – we really don’t have a specialty. We try to have a little bit of everything for everyone. Definitely at times it might look like we focus more on the hard-core hobbyist crowd but that is only because we are pretty hard-core into this hobby. So we have just about everything when it comes to the vaporizer world. We try to make sure that I inventory has something for everyone and that we share enough information to reach anyone who is trying to enter into this hobby. We also try to be a very affordable company so that people can easily choose to do business with us.”

What is your inventory like?

“We,  e-cig express have a very huge inventory and we try to make sure that we have just about anything that you could be looking for. We keep our nose to the streets, we like to find out what people like, what people don’t like, what manufacturers are coming out and we try to be one of the first people to have those products available on my shop. So we definitely have a large inventory and customers definitely find what they’re looking for. So if you are looking for vaporizer equipment and all the things that come with them, we definitely have what you are looking for.”

Who do you serve?

“Who do we serve? With the Internet it is so easy to fall into the arena of mostly focusing on the enthusiast who are deeply into this hobby. We definitely service that crowd because we are that crowd. We also like to extend our hand to those who are new to the hobby, maybe people who are trying to quit smoking, maybe people who are just looking for something to do, we want to be able to provide enough information, the right equipment and just about anything that they might need to help them easily enter into this hobby.” Discount Codes – You should do business with them!

“As you can tell, we definitely are the type of business that you would enjoy working with. We have a huge inventory of all the various e-cigarette and vaporizer equipment that anyone could ever want. We also are a company who prices our products at a decent price so that the majority people in this hobby can easily afford. Get your Ecig express coupon code and Ecigexpress coupon codes today! So you’re looking for quality vape juice shop on the Internet, we are the right company for you.”

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