Juul Review (+Deals)

Juul Review (+Deals)
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Find out the truth about the JUUL vape & get DEALS:

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Don’t waste your time looking for promo codes. I tested various codes offered on different site and they are sadly all FAKE. I found out Juulvapor.com doesn’t offer any discounts. They only offer the Auto-Ship Deal and the FREE shipping you see above.

Read my opinion below….

Juul Vapor + Pods

I hate the JUUL for not being available on the market earlier! It would have been so much easier & a pleasure to quit smoking! Since I got my hands on the unit, she has been my #1 pick when leaving the house. She’s sexy, she’s stealthy and hits like a truck!

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My pax JUUL E Cig Review – A great Starter Kit !

Do you want to make the switch from smoking to vaping but the large amounts of vaping devices on the market leave you overwhelmed and confused? You probably even have friends who talk about all the mods they’ve done to their e-cigarettes. While the things you hear and read about vaping seem interesting, you might be the kind of person who simply wants to jump in and get started.

Getting to Know JuulVapor.com
There are countless choices out there when it comes to brands of e-cigarettes. Some are more popular than others, and for a good reason. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should limit your choices to the most popular names. A case in point is JUUL-vapor, an innovative vaping starter kit specifically designed for smokers and newbie vapers in mind.

E Cig Review

In a world where vaping devices get heavily modded, it’s refreshing to find a product that works to your satisfaction out of the box. If there’s anything that stands out in JUUL-Vape, it’s how sleek their devices look. They don’t even look like e-cigarettes at all.

The pax JUUL Vapor may be new to the game, but don’t be fooled by their young age. They are created by Pax Labs, the same company behind the immensely popular Pax 2 and 3 vaporizers.

JUUL-Devices measure only 9cm long and 1.5cm wide. Don’t feel ashamed if you mistake it for a long USB flash drive. Its compact design means increased portability, allowing you to carry your vaporizer in your pocket without any hiccups.

JUUL pods – A great dose of nicotine!

Now let’s get to the exciting part. JUULpods serve as the engine that powers this one-of-a-kind vape pen. They come in different colors, which represent the flavor variety offered by the brand.

As of now, you can choose from five flavors: Fruit Medley, Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, Creme Brulee, and Mango.

Each pod contains approximately 0.7ml of e-juice with 5% nicotine by weight. This is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. Yes, 0.7ml doesn’t sound much, but it can easily last you a full day with medium usage.

Ease of Use

electronic cigarette with e juice pod
Pax-JUUL takes pride on how easy it is to use their products. To start vaping, you only need to grab your JUULpod of choice and insert the cartridge into the device.

You don’t have to look for any buttons or switches. There aren’t any. Just draw and experience the intense flavor created by the unique nicotine salt formula.

Your first hit might prove too strong, especially if you’re completely new to vaping. But you should soon find the perfect draw based on your preference. You can also use the LED indicator to help you determine whether you’re drawing too strong. Green is high, yellow, is medium, and red is low.

The same LED indicator also tells you about the battery life. While the pod is inserted, tap the vaporizer twice to see the charge level.

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Battery Life and Charging
If there’s one thing that the jewel vape pen can improve on, it’s the battery life of their devices. The battery runs dry pretty quickly. If you’re a heavy user, do not expect it to last a full day without charging.

Fortunately, charging doesn’t take up a lot of time. The device comes with a magnetic charger. Insert the charger into a USB port and stand the vaporizer on top of it. In an hour, the full battery will let you vape to your heart’s content once again.


Vaping Experience
This may be a tiny device, but it will not disappoint in providing an enjoyable vaping experience. As someone who has recently jumped on the vaping train, you should appreciate the intense throat hit that JUUL starter kit provides. And because of the high nicotine content, you will not find yourself craving for a pack of smokes.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better vaping starter kit right now than JUUL-vapor. Its elegant design and ease of use makes it the perfect option for ex-smokers and new vapers. Even those who have been vaping for a while may find jewel vape an attractive companion for their go-to device. It provides a hassle-free alternative to vape kits which require replacing coils and filling up tanks with e-juice. After just a year in the industry, JUUL.com offers now the hottest vaporizer on the market, and you can expect more flavor pods to be released in the coming months.

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Get FREE SHIPPING on JuulVapor.com | Activate Here
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