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Vaping Batteries

Batteries are an important part of the vaping experience and come in various sizes and shapes just like 18650 battery. And when talking about 18650 battery, it’s actually the most commonly known batteries in vaping due to the fact that they are reliable, readily available, have been tested and the majority of mods come with the compatibility of 18650.

Well, we cannot deny that there are newer vaping batteries such as 21700 and 20700, but due to their large sizes, they rarely come in dual or triple battery vape mods. 18650 still remains the best and most manufacturers lean on it to combine a smaller size with a performance that has been both tried and tested. However, before spending your hard-earned money on 18650 battery, be careful and do research to ensure that it's from a reputable vendor, to avoid counterfeited batteries.

How We Picked the Top Vape Batteries

There are high-quality batteries from reputable battery manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, and LG and choosing the best is not always a walk in the park and cannot be based on subjective likes. With that in mind, Battery Mooch helped us in our selection of the best batteries. If hearing Mooch for the first time, he is an expert in testing batteries and over the years, he has been supplying the community with reliable and in-depth testing for vaping batteries. Below is a list of top five batteries and given that they have been verified by his battery charts, you can rely on them and they will surely not let you down.

Top 5 Vape Batteries

  • #1 Sony VTCA5A - Can be used with regulated mods and comes with a 25-amp battery which is likely to last the entire day.
  • #2 Samsung 20S - Being among the latest entries in the 18650 market, Samsung 20S is a reliable vaping battery and can excellently support up to 30-amp draw and can be used on mech mod using lower resistance builds.
  • #3 Sony VTC6 - It’s distinguished with 3000 mAh and it’s reliable for lower wattage ranges. Interestingly, you can pair two Sony VTC6s to raise the wattage.
  • #4 Samsung 30Q - They come in a pink wrapper and have a long running time and will give you excellent services for a long time.
  • #5 LG HG2 - This is a long-lasting battery and will surely give value for your money.

19650 Ratings & Specifications

Just like any other battery, the 18650 is composed of three main components. It has two terminals famously known as the anode and cathode which have been made of different metals, and the electrolyte that separates the two terminals. Basically, the anode is negative while the cathode is positive. The electrolyte, being a chemical medium allows the electrical charge to flow between the cathode and anode. The battery has a separator in the cathode and the outermost part is referred to as battery wrap.

Continuous Discharge Rating (CDR)

Have you ever heard of the continuous discharge rating (CDR)? Well, this is the rating that’s not only used to compare battery discharge but also used by reputable electronic manufacturers. When rated, it depicts the current you can safely discharge the battery at a continuous rate without necessarily reducing its capacity to function efficiently or being damaged.

Many are the times when Chinese manufactured batteries or other rewraps overstate the CDR or use other ratings. A very noble example is the maximum discharge current, also known as maximum discharge rating which might be the only rating you find on the wrap and is the maximum current supplied by a battery in short intervals. When shopping for a battery, you should not take into consideration this rating because it could be misleading and you’ll end up buying something you never planned for. If you want to give value for your hard-earned money, take your time and examine the CDR of a battery and check ratings online and you’ll surely get the battery worth your money and effort.


The capacity of a battery is calculated in milliampere-hours usually abbreviated as mAh and signifies the running time of a battery. Basically, one mAh is equivalent to the charge a steady current of 1 mAh can transfer when flowing for an hour. Due to the increase of counterfeit products all over the world, you won’t be surprised to realize that mAh is often overstated on battery wraps, although not as common as the overstated discharge ratings.

If you want to buy the right battery for your mod, take consideration and pattern of a reputable battery manufacturer and you’ll realize a close relationship between CDR and capacity. For instance, you can never find a 18650 with a CDR more than 30 amps and similarly, you can’t find 18650 with a capacity of more than 3000 mAh with a CDR of more than 20 amps. As a rule of thumb, therefore, don’t buy any battery that’s not rated as per the two rules because there are high chances that it will be falsely rated and not worth your money.

It goes without saying that looks can be deceiving and because you work so hard to earn money, always consider buying batteries you can rely on. For instance, stay away from rewraps simply because the batteries used on them can change with time. As stated earlier, 18650 batteries are readily available and you should take quality time to ensure that what you buy is from a reputable manufacturer, and that’s the only way you’ll find happiness in buying what you plan for.

Other Devices Powered by 18650s

The 18650 battery is a perfect vaping battery and can also be used in;

  • Cordless Power Tools
  • Laptop Batteries
  • LED Flashlights
  • Electronic Vehicles

Bottom Line of Vape Batteries

Without a shadow of a doubt, the majority of the mods use 18650 batteries and when buying, you should look for the one that fits and specified for your device. Some people prefer stacking smaller batteries to fit in a device but you should avoid it because when you stack them, you increase the voltage of the batteries which may cause the batteries or even the device to fail. If you know your stuff, get a dependable and capable vape battery that will definitely give value for your money.

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