Best Vape Kit 2017

Best Vape Kit 2017
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Looking for an upgrade.. or a backup device? 

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I’m Tony… and this my best vape mod kit ranking 2017:

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Best Vape Kit | Box-Style

#1 - SMOK Alien 220W Kit SMOK Alien 220W TC Vape Kit
  • Powerful Cloud Machine
  • Unique Firing Bar
  • Most popular kit currently available
  • Only $59 + FREE Shipping

Best Vape Starter Kit | Pen-Style

#1 - SMOK Stick V8 TFV8 SMOK Stick V8 Kit
  • Easy to use
  • Portable Design
  • Best vape gear while you're on the go
  • Only $29

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Vape Mod Kits

1SMOK AlienValue 4 Money220W$59
2SMOK G-PrivTouchscreen220W$89
3Vaporesso Tarot NanoCustomization80W$54
4SMOK AL85Stealthy85W$59
5Wismec PredatorPre-Heatable228W$59
6SMOK Stick V8Portable45W$29
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Best Vape Kit 2017 | Box-Style

1 – SMOK Alien Kit 220W

*Rating* - 100/100

SMOKTECH’s latest flagship device – The SMOK Alien 220W Kit

This starter kit has become quite popular with many beginners but also intermediate & advanced vapers who are looking for a stylish device with excellent performance.

SMOK Alien 220W TC Kit

The SMOK Alien kit comes with an Alien 220WTC dual-18650 box mod plus a Baby-Beast TFV8 sub-ohm tank.

It has a oblong cylindrical shape and is relatively compact in size. There is a large OLED display above the adjustment buttons. The unit has a long firing bar on its side which is contoured to the shape of the mod case.

The performance of the mod is top-notch. The firing is instantaneous and is adjustable to hard, soft, or standard ramp-up. The temperature control works well and accurate.

The navigation process of the menu system is quite straightforward. It is so simple that anyone who is not a techy can operate the mod easily. Although the power output might be a bit overrated, which is typical for most of the mod makers of today. The actual vaping performance is very good. You can expect a long-term, superior performance from this mod for only $59.99

In conclusion, the SMOK Alien the best vape kit in this price range on the market today. It is stylish, beautiful, and comes with an excellent performance.

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2 – SMOK G-Priv Kit 220w

*Rating* - 97/100

The best touchscreen kitSMOK G-Priv Kit

SMOK have been at the forefront of the vaping industry for quite a while, and so when they released the G-PRIV TC Kit, every conscientious vaper knew they were in for a treat.

SMOK G Priv Kit 220W

It’s the first kit from SMOK to feature a 2.4-inch multi-functional FULL touch screen function, looking like a smartphone.

The screen is shatter resistant, but just like any other glass device, expect it to be a fingerprint magnet. However, with its grayscale mode, you will be operating a beautiful and crisp display.

The SMOK G-Priv is run by rechargeable and switchable dual 18650 batteries and has a screen lock feature, which enables you to save lots of battery life.

As with any SMOK product, the G-Priv has the unique firing bar mechanism. It’s tight & firm without any rattling sound. You can easily turn the gadget on and off by pressing the bar five times.

Overall, the SMOK G-Priv is the most preferred touchscreen kit by most vapers. And even though vaping up to 220 watts in conventional power mode is hard for most people, this little beast lives up to its name. It has a lot of useful features and goes for a reasonable price – $89.99. So, yes, I recommend this mod to any vaping lover out there.

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3 – Vaporesso Tarot Nano Kit 80W

*Rating* - 93/100

SIX output modesThe *NEW* Vaporesso Tarot Nano Kit – 

This year vapers are big on kits. Many Chinese companies are putting products out there and it is hard to know what is best to start with.

Vaporesso Tarot Nano 80W

What makes the tarot nano kit great is its small platform and its versatile output range which goes between 5 and 80 W and is coupled with the EUC type Veco Sub-Ohm tank. It works based on six output modes with Vaporesso’s Customized Curve of Wattage and Temperature. These make this kit precise as well as versatile.

When it is in CCW mode, you can customize wattage output second to second. This makes it work the way you want it to, depending on how you like to vape. You have even greater control over things for only $54.99.

The tank is positioned on top of the chassis so you have full adjustability with the air slots. Batteries are not removable.

You will enjoy the flavor of whatever it is you vape and honestly, a product as small as this should probably not perform as well as it does. But the Vaporesso Nano kit performs like a champ!

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4 – SMOK AL85 Kit

*Rating* - 97/100

A small, stealthy & great-looking setup The SMOK AL85 Starter Kit

The SMOK AL85 is a stealthy looking kit with an impressive finish, comfortable to hold with SMOK’s famous firing bar.

SMOK AL85 TFV8At the top of this little mod, you’ll see a solid 510 connection, which is what you can expect from SMOK. And while it’s made to fit a 22mm atomizer, a 24mm tank still will have no overhang,

The kit takes an 18650 battery and has a screen that is similar to the Alien mod. It displays the mode, temperature, amps, wattage, battery life, puffs, puff duration as well as the ohms.

Speaking of the menu, if you have used a SMOK mod, then this is nothing new. Five clicks turn it on, and once it’s on, five clicks lock the mod and another five unlocks it. Three clicks unveil the menu system. The settings include puffs, settings, mode, wattage, and TCR. What I love about this little kit is that you can set a limit for your puffs, adjust the ohms, screen time and even contrast.

If you love vaping, this little kit will not disappoint. It looks good & feels great in the hand and functions well. You can get it for $59.99 @vaporDNA. I highly recommend it to the vapor who wants a small, good looking setup with 80watts of power.

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5 – Wismec Predator 228 Kit

*Rating* - 89/100

A true upgrade – The Wismec Predator 228

The Wismec Predator 228 starter kit is one of the most popular box mod kits on the market today. The mod is designed well to meet most of the demands of today’s vaper – whether you are an intermediate or advanced vaper.

Wismec Predator 228 Starter Kit

The design of this product has taken a different route to the product that was released just about a year ago.

The mod offers plenty of features such as it reaches up to 228 watts, has a full temperature control suite, preheat function, bypass mode, a resistance lock feature, and fire down as low as 0.1 ohms in wattage.

The Predator 228 comes with a chassis that features different colorways. The front side of the mod consists of the Sinuous Designs logo and an OLED screen. The rocker adjustment button is located below this screen. The bottom of the mod has a micro-USB port. The mod is made of glass and stainless steel.

The mod performs amazingly well for only $59.99. In fact, the Predator 228 offers a great consistent hit similar to most of the other Wismec devices. The coils offer plenty of vapor production and flavor.

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Best Vape Starter Kit 2017 | Pen-Style

1 – SMOK Stick V8 Kit

*Rating* - 100/100

Huge vapor clouds despite pen-style – The SMOK Stick V8 Kit – by SMOKtech.

Are you a beginner or intermediate vaper that is looking for a pen style starter kit? You need to look no further than the *new* SMOK Stick V8 Kit.

SMOK Stick V8This is a starter kit so you will get everything you need to start vaping once you purchase it. You will get an integrated 2000 mAh battery, TFV8 baby tank, 2 V8 baby m3 core dual coils, USB for charging, vape band, spare parts and a manual. This vape pen device has a clear tank so that you can keep track of your e-juice levels and the pen has a shapely tube-like body. It is actually very easy to dissemble which makes it extremely easy to clean.

The pen has two large adjustable air slots which allows you to control the flow of vapor. This is a feature that you’ll be using a lot to produce those huge vape clouds that you probably enjoy creating. The controls give you such precise control over the amount of vapor you create that it certainly knocks other models out of the park.

This device on the whole is quite sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it easily breaking. The coils don’t experience any leakage and there aren’t any issues with this vape pen.

It is surprisingly powerful despite its pen design and is one of the best models on the market for only $29.99.

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Vape Kits – Summary

1SMOK AlienValue 4 Money220W$59
2SMOK G-PrivTouchscreen220W$89
3Vaporesso Tarot NanoCustomization80W$54
4SMOK AL85Stealthy85W$59
5Wismec PredatorPre-Heatable228W$59
6SMOK Stick V8Portable45W$29
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What is the best vape battery for your kit?

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Best Vape Batteries

THE BEST Vape Kits 2017 INCLUDE:

  • Best Vape Starter Kit & Vape Mod Kits
  • 1 – SMOK Alien Kit (Value 4 Money)
  • 2 – SMOK G Priv Kit (Touchscreen)
  • 3 – Vaporesso Tarot Nano (Customization)
  • 4 – SMOK AL85 TFV8 (Stealthy)
  • 5 – Wismec Predator 228 (Pre-Heatable)
  • 6 – SMOK Stick V8 (Pen Style)

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