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Vape Pens

Since 2004, vaping has grown exponentially and regardless of what you want to vape, you’ll definitely find a vape pen for that and we will use an example of tobacco to explain what’s is all about. Traditionally, people used to inhale tobacco from a cigarette but when it comes to vaping, you only press a button and an e-liquid from a chamber is charged electronically and heated into vapor form which you inhale. In order to meet the needs of the users, many businesses with vaping stores are spreading like wildfire making it hard to choose the right product. However, there’s nothing to worry about as we have a list of the best vape pens you can ever find with a combination of performance, style, and durability but before that, we will tell you everything you need to know about vape pens.

What Is a Vape Pen?

Vape pens are unique portable vaporizers resembling a pen and are distinguished with a power source that makes the vape tank or cartridge hot to produce vapor. They are rechargeable battery-powered devices, more elegant than other vape devices, easy to display and can effortlessly fit into your pocket. Vapor pens hit the headlines in 2010 from Janty Company and became popular shortly after thanks to Joyetech. Vapor pen changed the vaporizer market by giving the user an opportunity to swap atomizers or cartridges as well as offering a battery with large capacity and longer running times.

Different Types of Vape Pens

We are in the 21st century where technology is at its best. Most of the things we use at home, be it phones, remotes, televisions, and laptops employ the advanced technology and vape pens have not been left behind and they come in different types to fit the power of today’s vaping technology. Vape pens come in different features and battery capacity, and while some are button activated, others are draw-activated meaning that after inhaling on the tank or cart, the pen senses pressure change and activates automatically. You will also find other vape pens with adjustable power output to provide a tailored experience to the user and as always the case, the ability to decrease or increase the voltage helps the user to play around with cloud production, flavor intensity, and throat hit.

Are Vape Pens Bad for You?

People tend to define vape pens as only a power source like any vape mod, but in reality, it is a whole kit comprising of a vape pen and a cartridge full of cannabis-derived oil or vape juice. When it comes to the safety of a vape pen, it all depends on what is in the cartridge of the pen, who made it, the person using it, how often it’s used, and the strength is being used. The risks associated with vape pens usage depends on why you are using them. Do you want to get high, quit smoking or just as an alternative to smoking? According to research, vape is associated with smoking cessation and helps tobacco users to reduce the intensity of smoking and eventually quit. Other studies suggest that vaping is nearly 95% safer than smoking meaning that it’s not as dangerous as smoking.

But, it’s worth understanding that inhaling any substance apart from air poses threats to your respiratory system, and vaping is no exception. When using vape pens for vaping marijuana-derived products, the psychoactive effect still remains and you’ll feel ‘high’ although without the risk of health hazards associated with inhaling combusted plant matter. Likewise, when you use vape pen when vaporizing nicotine vape juice, the nicotine remains unchanged and could have strong habit-forming possibilities. Luckily, if vaping is in your blood but you don’t like getting nicotine in your body, you can use nicotine free vape pen that ensures any e-liquid vape pen becomes nicotine free and this could be an effective way to de-addict yourself from nicotine.

How to Use a Vape Pen?

Using a vape pen is a walk in the park as it only requires you to push the button while drawing on your tank or cartridge. As a rule of thumb, you need to familiarize yourself with several tips to make the entire experience flawless and because we care so much about you, we will educate you on that.

  1. Vape pen has an in-built small lithium-ion battery whose capacity can deteriorate if not used for a long time. If you want to enjoy the experience, therefore, ensure that your pen is fully charged before use of before putting tank or cart on it.

  2. If your device is draw activated, it will automatically go into sleep mode when not in use. However, if your pen has a button, it requires a quick five-click press of a button to turn it on and the same technique to turn off.

  3. If your pen has adjustable power, ensure its turned all the way down before you begin, then take a vape and adjust the power up and take another vape until it feels and taste the way you want.

  4. When taking a drag on your cartridge or tank, the device tends to stop power to the atomizer as soon as it reaches the automatic shutoff limit which cannot exceed eight seconds. As a rule of thumb, check the pen’s user manual to know its limit time.

Charging A Vape Pen

Vape pens should be charged through a USB cord on a laptop, computer or in your car. Basically, there are two main types of charge cords for pens which depend entirely on the device you have.

1. The standard micro USB cord found in the bottom or into the side of the vape pen.

2. A proprietary connection threading onto the top of the vape pen.

Best Vape Pen 2019

Top Five Pens

#1 Mig Vapor Morpheous - Powered by Mig Vapor, Morpheous is the best vape pen for e liquid, and for good reasons. It comes with a 3000 mAh in-built battery that will give you services for a long time. It fires up to 100 watts and it’s compatible with 0.2 and 0.4-ohm coils. Interestingly, it’s available in a sleek carbon fiber design and features rubber seals that offer protection to the body of the battery against wear and tear.

#2 Kandypens Special-K - Kandypens Special-K is a perfect vape pen for anyone interested in classic design. It works outstandingly great and comes with a temperature control battery that features three heat settings, two 1 ml tanks, and various handy accessories. Due to the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty, it shows how great it is and definitely worth your money.

#3 Vaporesso Cascade One - Vaporesso Cascade One is a vape pen with style, works very efficiently and prides itself with the best tanks for vaping, the Cascade Mini available in the market today. It measures 22 mm in diameter which makes it classic and portable. It features 1800 mAh in-built battery with a 2-amp quick charging. What makes this vape pen stand out is the fact that the Cascade Mini tank is leak resistant and usually takes the dependable GT coils.

#4 CBDfx Vaporous - Are you looking for a vape pen for dabs and CBD wax? If yes, your search ends here as CBDfx -Vaporous is what you need. It features two coil options; slow-roasting quartz coil and a ceramic-made hard hitter, both of which give some excellent flavor. Inside the chamber is a unique heating rod that ensures your concentrates are distributed evenly.

#5 O-Pen Vape - O-Pen Vape is a perfect vape pen for anyone looking for a go-to pen for weed oil. It features everything you’d be looking for from a syringe for an easy filling to a food-grade mixing bowl. The cart has the ability to hold up to 0.5 grams and comes with a USB rechargeable battery. With O-Pen Vape, all you need is to mix it up, fill it and enjoy an exceptional vaping experience.

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