Best Vape Tank 2017

Best Vape Tank 2017
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Looking for an upgrade.. or a backup tank? 

Keep on reading… and you will find your best-suited vape tank!
I’m Tony… and this my best vape tanks ranking 2017:

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Best Tank - Old but Gold

#1 - Aspire Cleito 120 Maxi Watt Aspire Cleito 120
  • Flavor Addiction
  • Every-Day-Usage Applicable
  • Most popular tank for flavor chasing
  • Only $29

Best Tank - New 2017

#1 - SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King
  • Cloud machine
  • Airflow ,tons if it!
  • Best vape tank for cloud chasing
  • Only $29

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TFV12 Tanks Banner

RankNameFeature Max. WattagePrice
1SMOK TFV12Cloud Beast King350W$29
2Aspire Cleito Maxi WattAmazing Flavor120W$29
3Uwell Crown 3Drop in/out Atomizer90W$29
4iJoy MAXO V12Perfect Airflow315W$34
5Sigelei Slydr LEasy-To-Fill Slider285W$39
6SMOK TFV8Cloud Beast260W$29
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Best Sub Ohm Tanks | Old but Gold

1 – Aspire Cleito 120W

*Rating* - 97/100

Flavor! Flavor! Flavor! … No, it’s not just hype – The Aspire Cleito 120W is the real deal!

The moment you hit on the Aspire Cleito 120W will be an amazing moment – and at the same time – a very sad moment:
You will realizeon how much flavoryou’ve missed out on.

Aspire Cleito 120WThe Aspire Cleito 120W is the predecessor… of the original version. The Aspire Cleito. – But injected with steroids.

Now with TRIPPLE digit wattage capability – It will directly compete with the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beastand WINs the battle!

This is the new Cleito 120W: Super thick clouds, no leaking, and the flavor that can’t be matched! – Kudos to Aspire for making an incredible product!

The Cleito 120W does what it needs to do:

  • Produces crazy good clouds
  • Takes on high-VG juice/ all VG juice perfectly
  • Can handle all-day, every-day usage

At an amazing pricing! Click the link below to get 1 (or rather 2 for a backup) for only $23.95

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2 – SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast

*Rating* - 88/100

The Cloud Beast by SMOKThe TFV8

Are you wondering whether or not the SMOK TFV8 is any good? If so, keep on reading to decide whether or not to give this sub-ohm tank a try.

SMOK TFV8 Sub-Ohm TankA feature you’ll like on the SMOK TFV8 is its design. It’s made out of stainless steel and it has a sleek look to it. The tank is quite big, but this isn’t a big deal. However, just make sure your mod is big enough. I can recommend the SXmini G Class mod for no overhang. It has 31 mm to accommodate a big tank like the TFV8.

Perhaps the best thing about the device is the amount of e-liquid it can hold (6ml). In fact, you’ll be even more impressed with the amount of vapor it is able to produce. If you’re looking for a device that produces a huge amount of vapor, then look no further than the SMOK TFV8! But you should know it’s considered a juice guzzler.

The device is durable and very reliable. It will last for a longtime to come. Besides that – The TFV8 has a top-filling method. In addition – The size of the cap top has increased in size, so it is very easy to refill.

To summarize – If you’re looking for a tank that can produce plenty of vapor and you don’t mind going through e-juice quickly, then you’ll want to get the SMOK TFV8. It is available for only $29. You will not be disappointed with this tank.

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Best Sub Ohm Tank | New 2017

3 – SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King

*Rating* - 100/100

The King of Cloud Chasing – The TFV12 – by SMOKtech.

Have you been searching for a new vape tank that can produce an incredible amount of vapor? You need to look no further than the *new* SMOK TFV12.

It’s known as the Cloud Beast King, and there is a definite Smok TFV12reason for this designation.

This tank that comes with a whopping 27 mm diameter size – accommodating the most advanced coil heads that have been made in this industry. You can choose between the T12 Duodenary Coil Head (350W), X4 Quadruple (220W), or the Q4 Quadruple (190W).

SMOK offers you a variety of colors – VaporDNA offers gold, stainless steel & rainbow for only $29.

Additional Specs – The tank is made of solid stainless steel and has a 510 thread. Used for the connection to a suitable mod. The airflow slot allows plenty of air to get in… to create incredible clouds of vaporClick the button below to find out more…

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4 – Uwell Crown 3

*Rating* - 95/100

A true upgrade – The Crown 3 – by Uwell

The Uwell Crown 3 sub ohm tank seems to build on the success of its predecessor – the original Uwell Crown. The built quality and performance of these tanks are much more superior to most of its competitors on the market.

Uwell Crown Tank 3But the Crown II had some serious design faults and ended up being a failure. Hence, the third-generation Crown tank is supposed to redeem the glory of the Uwell brand. The unit is available for only $29.

Unpacking – Inside the box, you will find the Crown 3 tank, a spare glass tube, and a spare coil head. Underneath these products, you find a bag of spare o-rings, crown-shaped metal key, a rubber cap for the drip-tip, and the user manual. The contents of the package are great and in line with what most manufacturers offer.

Uwell Crown IIIThe build quality is great and is an improved version of the original Crown. There are five colors to choose from – matte black, black, stainless steel, sapphire blue, and iridescent. It is made of quartz glass and stainless steel material and could hold up to 5 ml of e-liquid.

The performance of the Crown 3, in terms of flavor intensity and vapor production, is excellent. It has two coil heads – rated at 0.5Ω and o.25Ω. The vapor is much denser and warmer compared to most of the competitor products on the market.

All in all, the Crown 3 from Uwell is one of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market today.

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5 – iJoy MAXO V12

*Rating* - 92/100

iJoy MAXO V12 – A TFV12 Killer or Copycat?

The iJoy MAXO is taking a shot at the SMOK TF series with their V12, attempting to meet or better its specs for the same price. It’s a 12-coil tank, obviously, and retails at $34. You can use my coupon “ecigpro” to get 10% OFF.

iJoy MAXO V12Its high wattage (315W), can give you some pretty powerful clouds of vape. This does make it harder to “stealth vape”, for those of you using vaping to help replace cigarettes, so that’s a thing to keep in mind.

That said, this is a heavy tank. It’s 28mm in diameter, which makes it pretty big. If you like the smaller kits, then you may not enjoy carrying this one around.

In addition, you may want to rinse it out before you use it. Some have reported an odd taste when they first use the MAXO V12, which indicates some leftover oil from production.

All in all, the iJoy MAXO V12 is a pretty good tank. It does get hot, and it is heavy, but you’ll be able to get huge clouds of vape out of this thing. Even just using the premade coils, also other vapers have reported gigantic vape clouds.

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6 – Sigelei Slydr L

*Rating* - 90/100

A jump to the front of the pack! – The Slydr L – by Sigelei

The competition for the best vape tanks is heating up – And Sigelei went big with this vape tank, in every way possible.

Sigelei Slydr LThe tank can hold almost 6 ml of eliquid… which is unheard of in just about every other type of vape tank. For the first time, the company has used a more heat resistant glass type. It’s not often that vape tank manufacturers put so much effort into consumer safety, so this was really nice to see.

Other vape tanks come with a bunch of spare parts and coils that need to be purchased separately. That may be a great business practice, but it’s terrible for the consumer.

-> Sigelei recognizes this and makes sure that their kit comes with everything you need to start using the product right away. There are even extra coils included with your purchase, which is a really nice feature for those who like to vape often and go through their coils quickly.

This Sigelei SLYDR L review could really only go one way. With a product that is painstakingly crafted for safety & enjoyment, a full complement of starter materials and a price that won’t break the bank – $39… this is probably one of the best tanks for vaping – that you’re going to see for some time.

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Best Vape Tank – Summary

RankNameFeature Max. WattagePrice
1SMOK TFV12Cloud Beast King350W$29
2Aspire Cleito Maxi WattAmazing Flavor120W$29
3Uwell Crown 3Drop in/out Atomizer90W$29
4iJoy MAXO V12Perfect Airflow315W$34
5Sigelei Slydr LEasy-To-Fill Slider285W$39
6SMOK TFV8Cloud Beast260W$29
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What is the best vape mod for your tank?

Click the Image to get to my Best Vape Mod Ranking or here for the Best 18650 Battery.



  • Best Vape Tank & Best Sub Ohm Tank
  • 1 – SMOK TFV12 (Cloud Beast King)
  • 2 – Aspire Cleito 120 (Amazing Flavor)
  • 3 – Uwell Crown 3 (Drop in/out Atomizer)
  • 4 – iJoy MAXO V12 (Perfect Airflow)
  • 5 – Sigelei Slydr L (Easy-To-Fill Slider)
  • 6 – SMOK TFV8 (Cloud Beast)

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